Its been a lone time since we last saw the Studio Scale Millennium Falcon. In that last post I finished most of the construction, including the wiring for the electronics. Since then I finished the construction then life and other projects took over and I haven't had time to work on the Falcon until recently. 

I'm now in a larger workspace, so I decided to pull out the Falcon and start painting it. I cleaned off the dust and started to prep for painting. 


Step 1 was to fill the maintenance hatches with Silly Putty. Silly Putty is great for filling odd shaped holes. Its easy to remove, doesn't leave any residue, and easily conforms to odd shaped surfaces. I also shoved some paper towels into the windows of the cockpit and the turrets. 


My strategy for painting is to make a factory fresh Falcon first, the weather the crap out of it. I used MicroLux Reefer White as the base coat of paint. I used MicroLux paint on the 1/32 P-61 too. I have a bunch of bottles sitting around which is why i used it on the P-61. But I actually planed to use the Reefer White on the Falcon, so I have been saving it for this very day.


I let the base coat dry for 24 hours to make sure it wouldn't come up with the masking tape. 

I masked off the red, grey, and yellow patches and painted those with Vallejo paints. I used Scarlet Red from the Model Air line of paints for the red patches, Gold Yellow for the yellow patches, and a mix of a few grey paints for the grey patches. 


I repeated that process on the bottom of the model, adn that takes care of the base painting. 

This will be the first of many layers of paint. I plan on shading the color patches, adding airbrushed details, and covering the model with a series of washes, oils, and pigments. 

Part 2 of painting will cover the weathering process.