Fujimi 1/25 Ferrari 330 P4 Part 2

I finished the interior of the Ferrari 330 P4 in the previous post. The body is next. 

The single piece body required a little clean up. I had to clean up a few mold lines and re-scribe a few panel lines. A quick once over with a Tamiya sanding sponge, being careful not to remove the raised rivets, and the body was ready for priming.

I used the Vallejo Polyurethane primer for the body. I let this fully dry for a day before sanding any imperfections that came to light after priming.


I used MRP’s Rosso Corsa for the Ferrari Red. MRP paints are a delight to airbrush and this particular color looks sport on for a Ferrari Red. I actually need to pick up another bottle or two for the other Ferrari builds in my build queue.

In a never ending quest to find a gloss clear coat that I like, I decided to try Testors’ Extreme Lacquer Wet Look Clear. I sprayed a very light coat to prep the surface for the decals.

The decals caused no issues.


Some Solva-set helped the decals fit over the curves. I had to temporally tack on the bottom side panels when applying the decals to make sure the car number markings were properly aligned. Once the decals dried I took a sharp hobby knife and cut the decals along the seam line so I could remove the panels that were tacked on.

There aren’t a ton of decals on this car, this was before the super sponsorship and intricate livery era of racing. I let the decals fully dry for a day before moving on to the final gloss coat.


I applied the gloss coat in several light layers. The first layer was a mist coat to seal in the decals and give the rest of the clear coat something to stick to. The next two coats were heavier. This slow build up of layers gave me a smooth and glossy surface. I’m liking this stuff more than the Zero Diamond clear coat I used on previous cars. The prep is easier, its much less toxic, and I got better results.


I applied the clear parts as soon as the gloss coat dried. The side windows needed a black boarder. These windows were masked and sprayed with Tamiya X-18 Semi-gloss black before being glued onto the body. Other small details, such as the headlights and tail lights, were painted at this point too.

It was time to attach the body to the chassis.


The last few details, windshield wipers, exhaust tips, fuel cap, etc., were added and the car was complete.


And that completes the build. The final car can be seen below. The gallery will follow in a few days,