Airfix 1/48 Hawker Sea Hurricane

After building Airfix's P-51 Mustang I decided to buy a few more Airfix kits. One of the kits I bought was the 1/48th Hawker Sea Hurricane. I picked it up after seeing a few reviews. I liked the detail in the kit and it looked like it would be a fun build.

The build starts with the cockpit. One of the cool things about this kit is that you build the metal frame around the cockpit. I cut the necessary pieces from the sprues for the first few steps and started construction.


I really enjoyed constructing the cockpit. The pieces were nicely detailed and everything fit together nicely.


I painted the cockpit using Mig's Extreme Metal Aluminium. I've been trying out these paints recently and they have been working great. A few pieces needed to be painted green. For those I used Vallejo's Zinc Chromate. 


I lightly weathered a few parts using the black Tamiya panel line accent. I also hand painted a few details, such as the rudder pedals and the control stick.


The next major section is the landing gear bay. There were a surprising amount of parts for these steps. The detail here was good, and it didn't require a ton of cleanup.

The landing gear bay was also painted Aluminum and weathered with the black panel line accent. 


The two halves of the fuselage were glued together, and the wings and cockpit were glued onto the fuselage. I was very happy with the fit. I only needed a small amount of filler.

I masked off the cockpit with some paper towels and Humbrol's Maskol.


I don't have any Humbrol paints and I couldn't find an equivalent Vallejo or Tamiya paint, so I mixed my own color using Vallejo paints. I made sure to make a little extra for future touchups. 

Once the base layer dried, I masked off the camo pattern and sprayed the top layer of camo.


I carefully unmasked everything and touched up a few spots where there was bleed through or the paint came up wtih the tape. 


Another bright sport for this kit: the decals. I had no issues with them. A coat or two of Micro-Sol was all that was needed for the decals to sink into panel lines.


I used the Flory Model's clay was for the majority of the weathering. Just throw some onto the model, let it dry, then wipe it off with a damp paper towel and some cotton swabs.


I glued on the canopy, keeping it in the open position for the best view of the cockpit. I also glued on the propeller and the aintennas. 


I painted the engine exhausts using Mr. Metal Dark Iron adn polished them before gluing them to the model. I assembled the landing gear, painting the aluminum and the tires Tamiya Rubber Black, then glued them onto the aircraft.

I did some more weatheing using the Tamiya weathering powders, adding some blackening around the exhausts and the guns.


Finally I painted then glued on the lights and used some fly fishing line for the antenna wire. 

This was a great kit! The newer Airfix kits seem to be big improvements over their older stuff, and I'm looking forward to building more. The full gallery will follow int he next post.