Airfix 1/48 Hawker Sea Hurricane Gallery

The Sea Hurricane build was very enjoyable. I loved the detail in this kit. Nothing was too complex and most of the parts went together beautiful. The finally gallery is below. 

Hobby Boss 1/48 A-6E Work in Progress

This is another project that I'll be picking up here mid-build  I bought the Hobby Boss A-6E after reading a number of good reviews. It seemed like a well designed and detailed kit. And I must say, after building the bulk if it, I agree. Everything has gone together nicely. 

I have a few photo etch parts left to attach before I start painting, but most of the prep work has been completed. I'll probably wrap up this model in a single post, but for now here are a few photos of its current state. 


Topside view. I will be displaying the model with the canopy open so it is temporarily held on with blu-tec. The radar dome will also be open. I have a few pieces to paint while they are detached - these will be added after painting. The seam line at the top was removed with some light sanding. I had to rescribe the panel lines that were sanded off. 

The seams where two pieces meet look much worse in this photo than they actually are. These are panel gaps on the real plane so I plan on leaving them as is. We'll see how it looks after a coat of primer. I might regret this decision.

I love doing cockpits, and this includes ejection seats. These look great in the cockpit...but that photo will have to wait until later. Some very light dry brushing with a metallic grey was used to highlight the details. 

Top and bottom of the wing tips. These will be folded up on the complete model.

I have a few small pieces to add before I'll start painting. The next update will cover the painting process and final assembly.

Hobby Boss A-6E Intruder
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